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6 enterprise head obtain CESI flat TV energy-saving attestation
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On September 23, standardize an institute by Chinese electron technology (CESI) sponsor with Chinese electron chamber of commerce specific power consumption of Chinese flat TV checked result news briefing to be held in Beijing 2008.

In the meantime, CESI is first flat TV the enterprise of energy-saving attestation issued letter. On the meeting, expert of research of personnel of leader of industry director branch, professional technology, market is right the circumstance of specific power consumption of flat TV and section report foreground made the introduction.

Land blade wave points out deputy secretary-general of chamber of commerce of electron of expert of research of home appliance market, China, inside very long in the past period of time, the attention dot with energy-saving to home appliance consumer is centered in air conditioning, freezer, washing machine on these products, the power consumption of TV of big screen flat and appearance of traditional CRT TV compared little imagine to had had substantially growth. Show level, report of bad news of TV of big screen flat has held daily life to use significant position of report. It is with a television of 42 inches of common liquid crystal exemple, a month watchs 120 hours about, bad news report 30 kilowatt hour, and average consumer family is 100 kilowatt hour ~ every months with report 120 kilowatt hour, report of color television bad news is occupied 30% . According to Chinese electron chamber of commerce consumptive electron product investigates office survey data to forecast, to 2008 the end of the year, TV of flat of Chinese city family retains the quantity will exceed 25 million, flat TV is overall consume power every reduce 10 tile, mean annual but managing 360 million kilowatt hour report, the daily life that this can satisfy the medium-sized city of a 1 million population basically one year uses phone.

Test data shows, in showing the TV of 32 inches of liquid crystal with level top popularity rate, overall those who use up power lowest is 85 tile, more average than industry of TV of 32 inches of liquid crystal level 115 tile are low 30 tile, popularize use corresponding and energy-saving technology, a year can managing the life that gives annual of 3 medium-sized cities uses n, flat TV is energy-saving be well worth doing.

Industry and informatization ministry are energy-saving and use Si Yuwei integratedly to express, the country is right " construction resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model society " macroscopical drive, brought the machine of development for green industry, ceaseless bullish is water, report, gas wait for the sources of energy to consume the price, let broad consumer begin opposite day more careful calculation and strict budgeting, begin from washing machine of water of freezer of energy-saving air conditioning, green, section, to reduce power comsumption of TV of big screen flat, driving home appliance industry in the round to transition of feebleminded bad news, environmental protection product.
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