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Instruction of European Union EUP carries out detailed rules the first batch to
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As the European Union " design of zoology of product of specific power consumption asks to dictate " (EUP dictates) the first batch of executive detailed rules came on stage recently, product of 5 kinds of exit will face green barrier, they are street illume product, office lighting product, bide one's time and close machine power comsumption, outside engine of product of buy type power source, simple and easy type carries a box on the head. Transfer as a result of what detailed rules carries out for this before 2010 period, the bad news such as the illume that this also means us to be familiar with, air conditioning, freezer can if the product is not active answer, will by European Union close the door on.

Zhongshan examines quarantine bureau introduces about the personage, in these 5 kinds of executive detailed rules, force is the largest should belong to " bide one's time and close machine power comsumption " , this exports influence our country the European Union all products that involve specific power consumption, export the specified number among them the loss of 5 kinds of products such as older office equipment, freezer, air conditioning, Electromechanical, sound resembling is the biggest. According to the requirement, after 2010, be equivalent to our country only can ability of afore-mentioned 5 kinds of products of 1 class export effect level European Union. And according to statistic, 2007, our country exports an European Union these 5 kinds can the product of 1 class makes an appointment with effect level only 20% , the about 80% products that leave must raise high-energy effect level in time.

"EUP instruction makes environmental protection demand to all phase of the product, should span barrier of this one technology trade, should from improve whole production catenary to begin, the choice is energy-saving material, optimize whole pull current it is Cheng, good to do reclaim preparation, and this will raise 20% product cost of the left and right sides. " Zhongshan examines quarantine bureau expresses about chief. The reporter understands, great majority business is slow to reaction of this one executive detailed rules, do not have specific action at present.

Zhongshan examines quarantine bureau personage expresses, EUP instruction executive detailed rules will be in 2007-2010 year by relevant 14 products group is rolled out according to different plan, the enterprise should master newest information in time, adjust each index of product research and development actively, at the same time aggrandizement green supplies chain, ensure the product is in the management that accords with a condition is made below the system, add CE mark. "The part has the company of actual strength, still can produce the part can transfer abroad, make full use of local resource, direct investment builds a plant, also the avoid on can certain level all sorts of trade barrier. Also the avoid on can certain level all sorts of trade barrier..
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