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Chinese product enters European Union market to must be treated seriously " atte
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"Chinese product enters Germany and European Union market, ought to notice to use the function of attestation orgnaization. The attestation that issues by authoritative orgnaization represented the security of the product and quality not only, also have very powerful market sale effect at the same time. " attestation of the heart austral Germany (Tuev Sued) is senior attestation evaluates Shi He Site Nisuobusiji (Horst Niesobski) was expressing here a few days ago.

The Buddhist nun alls alone Busiji is in 22 days of hamburger chamber of commerce is held " in the 15th hamburger endowment business information forum " go up of this speech. His special subject report introduced the main attestation statute of European Union and Germany, the main limits of product certification, reach the content such as the relevant obligation of the enterprise.

Nisuobusiji introduced street that some investigation orgnaization does Germany recently to be investigated randomly, accepting the 2500 Germany philtrum of the visit, the person that has nearly 60% states they can notice to examine commodity to wrap mount to whether relevant attestation indicates, buy the product that has relevant sign only, the product overpay that the person answer that has 15% even is willing to indicate to have attestation the price of at least 10% , "It is thus clear that these attestation still have tremendous market sale effect. " he introduces, the safe quality with Europe and German attestation imperscriptible orgnaization superintends a branch, belong to imperscriptible civilian orgnaization commonly. Their attestation is not had mandatory, after offerring application by the enterprise however, undertake examining and issue letter to the enterprise. Every country also has many to approbate degree of taller attestation orgnaization, they become independent each other, abide by uniform code and standard to undertake attestation however.

He expresses, to the Chinese company that exports to the European Union, had revised 2003 " product of European Union imports and exports examines outline " especially important. China exports an enterprise to be able to apply for relevant attestation orgnaization to undertake attestation to the product according to this outline, award relevant attestation the mark, this will have positive effect in the sale of European Union market to Chinese product. The product range of attestation of new outline place, included not only new the product that appear on the market, what also include to had been used is secondhand product and had improved product, can undertake selling in European market after undertaking attestation passes.

In the meantime, unified attestation outline also is not the European Union to be carried out in the synchronism inside country of all European Union. Generally speaking, each country is common internal law of its translate into, make after be being adjusted accordingly, be carried out again according to native circumstance. For instance Germany is in new 2004 castigatory " law of consumer goods safety " the requirement that fulfilled an European Union, the product that still enters an exhibition to be in Germany at the same time raised higher safe level. New code is decided, the product that if attend,shows only, the entrance product safety that must pass Germany examines, and no matter whether will this product be Germany finally retail channel appears on the market.
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