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Dalian port seizes product of two batches of attestation that do not have 3C con
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From Liaoning the province examines quarantine bureau learns, the near future, agency of Dalian free tax zone seizes product of two batches of attestation that do not have 3C continuously.

Should do when the electric equipment product that imports from Hong Kong to some company undertakes examining, the commutator of goods of illegal be careful in one's conduct that discovers its are declared is power source adapter actually, belong to compulsive attestation limits, add up to 10821, goods is worth 15 thousand dollar. The basis sets related compulsive attestation, should do to seal up for keeping instantly cargo in large amount, the behaviour that changes HS code to the enterprise undertook investigating, requirement industry supplies did compulsive attestation procedure.

Some chip company imports a batch of United States to produce fire control equipment formerly from Taiwan, contain 19 current indicator and 14 pressure switch among them, value 4467 dollars. When should do an entrance to sign up for check, the company carries the part that for proving to claim these two kinds of products are carbon dioxide extinguishing system, enforcing attestation limits. Should do to deal with an entrance to connect accordingly involve procedures. Inspector undertakes to importing fire control product the spot examines in detail with appraisal hind, think the true utility of afore-mentioned components is sprinkler system, should belong to attestation limits, and chip company did not provide corresponding attestation letter, also did not add on the product use attestation symbol. Basis " mandatory product certification management sets " regulation, should do to inform the enterprise seals content of goods in stock instantly, issue gravity of false specification accord to criticize to its, instruct its deadline to correct.

Dalian protects duty to do remind each port branch: The examination that should increase pair of commutator, convertor, transformer, selective examination, prevent consignor to escape test and verify in order to change the way of encode; Should increase offset to prevent the examination test and verify of the product, prevent to escape behavior of test and verify.

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