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Sichuan saves door of Ministry of Agriculture to start produce geography formall
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Recently, sichuan saves produce geography to indicate working conference is held in Chengdu, indicating department of Sichuan province agriculture is formal geography of the produce that start indicates protective attestation works.

Current, job of attestation of mark of geography of Sichuan province produce still is in start level, produce of characteristic of large measure potential did not undertake registering attestation, preliminary estimation has more than 200 at least. Chief expresses related province agriculture hall, every originates specific district, product quality and relevant feature have distinctive natural zoology environment and history of humanitarian element, can apply for the geographical mark attestation with name of district name coronal. Whole attestation process is divided outside detecting, do not produce cost. Strive each city state has an above product to finish investigation and data preparation at least before the end of the year.

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