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"Healthy " attestation Shanghai building materials executes the mount guard that
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Formaldehyde exceeds excessive of mark, heavy metal... decorate most be afraid of experience these " invisible killer " , but if pass " check-up " , affix " health building materials " mark, can let consumer be at ease many. We manage the office to understand from Shanghai health building materials, shanghai began attestation of the health that carry out building materials in September last year, already had product of paint of the wall inside 38 kinds of ability in swimming of 13 enterprises at present, the plank of 3 kinds of big man-made of 4 enterprises is passed " check-up " , have the consideration this attestation to material of adhesive, stone next.

Health building materials besides wanting to accord with corresponding national level, still need index of the health that achieves Shanghai to be aimed at building materials formulate technology. For example paint of the wall inside ability in swimming not only what should achieve active state level to set is classy outside tasting technical index, still have demand of index of clear health technology: Content of volatile organic matter (chroma of remain of air of content of formaldehyde of VOC) , dissociate, heavy metal, volatile organic matter cover went up " of " the Incantation of the Golden hoop. The health of man-made plank index stares at firm formaldehyde mainly release a quantity.

"At present the attestation of health building materials, basically be the building materials that pollute indoor environment in the light of the likelihood or endangers human body health actually. " Zhang Qiping of vice director of office of government of Shanghai health building materials says. The product outer packing that passes attestation will make mark of " of " Shanghai health building materials, actor or actress be used in the construction such as preexistence hospital, school, residence at the same time. The Shanghai that announced recently decorates building materials to recommend catalog to go up completely, also pass 6 attestation of health building materials inside wall paint brand is brought into among them.

Of course, pass attestation and not be equal to the hat that can wear health building materials forever. Health building materials indicates certificate period of efficacy is two years. The product that obtain evidence is inside period of efficacy, station of qualitative inspect of city building materials and city detect guild will be in to its production, sale and undertake be supervisoried nonskedly checking in use process; In the meantime, these products still need to accept annual not less than two product quality sampling inspection. If obtain quality of card company product not to accord with standard of product of corresponding health building materials to ask, rectify and reform still do not accord with, with respect to the use that will cancel its health building materials to indicate, make the processing that pick a brand, announce at numerous.
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