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CQC is held successfully head period knowledge of energy management system groom
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A few days ago, by a definite date center of Chinese certificate of quality (CQC) head period " knowledge of energy management system grooms " end satisfactorily in Zhengzhou. Many 40 delegate that comes from CQC each branch entered study. Bencipei example is to be based on CQC to be opposite " energy management system " when study positive result and undertake nearly 3 years bold innovation and attempt, groom content was covered " energy management system " the numerous respect such as standard of plan of law of standard introduction, relevant law, energy-saving technology and audit of the sources of energy, got student people approbate extensively.

In energy conservation job, energy management has the main effect that cannot replace. "Energy management system " the method of a kind of system government that is the successful experience innovation that draws lessons from quality environment to run a system. At present this practice has gotten European Union each country, United States and ISO approbate, ISO still established committee of energy management project for the formulate of this series standard only (ISO/PC242) of responsible and specific work begin. "Energy management system " the method that uses a system, the help is used can the managing the sources of energy of unit utmost, reduce cost, achieve energy-saving goal, the abidance that can achieve managing level is improved.

Our country " energy management system " national level predicts to was released in October 2008, ISO standard predicts to was released 2010, the promotion that believes this work can be our country resource necessarily managing model with the environment the construction of friendly sex society rises to urge action actively.

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