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The whole nation opened qualification of quality manager profession in September
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On September 20, qualification of profession of manager of first time quality unites an exam to will pull open heavy curtain in the whole nation. This exam that can organize jointly by Chinese quality association and Chinese cartel, it is to be in draw lessons from international undertake on the foundation that qualification of professional of famous quality organization takes an exam. Current, this qualification already was included Chinese cartel alignment of meeting profession manager.

Quality manager is to have good overall quality to manage those who master quality management knowledge and skill is concept, medium administrator of high quality major, can have professional analysis and judgement, the satisfaction that enhances a client is spent and attention is spent, can manage support to organize the task project of strategic goal and the staff latent capacity that inspire a group, include quality target in order to come true inside the organization manages strategic goal.

Quality manager holds a post as a kind the qualification has existed in western country old, get Euramerican country of of all kinds organization approbate extensively. The United States is the world executes quality manager the earliest to hold a post the country that the qualification takes an exam, had developed to maintain a system to possess the qualification of complete quality major of ten fractionize domain at present, extensive effect is had in more than 10 developed country such as Japan, Korea and area.

It is European country of the representing with Germany, also gave height to take seriously to the development of quality management and professional construction. German quality association holds " register quality manager " extensive force is had in Europe, register quality manager amount to be close to the measure that registers quality manager at the United States, brought up below from worker of a common property " German formula is strict " , on to abiding earn world reputation with development " Germany is made " .

Abroad carries out a proof: Quality management is the course that the door and one practice combine highly, a lot of economy developed countries value development of science and technology and professional progress highly, the construction of the education that values quality professional highly and system of professional competence attestation, and be encouraged energetically run practice and newest quality management application with supportive quality.

The quality government of our country has taken the course that passed 30 years, obtained brilliant result, but still have certain difference quite with world developed country. If China is most,the quality manager of the enterprise had not accepted systematic quality to manage the training of relevant knowledge and skill. Of the development that opens to the outside world as our country economy and globalization trend accelerate, the promotion of quality and quality level of management already made one of crucial challenges that of all kinds organization faces. To answer a challenge, more and more enterprises created quality branch and quality director position. Accordingly, build to accord with qualification of China's actual quality major profession to maintain a system, the quality that fosters more to accord with an enterprise to ask manages professional, especially in the actual and urgent task that senior talented person has made our country enterprise and quality organization be faced with. Believe to begin qualification of quality manager profession to maintain, be sure to drive our country quality to supervise the education of professional and senior talented person and system construction greatly, the quality of ecbolic China manages everybody, stimulative quality management gains ground in Chinese development and deepen, with promoting the core of Chinese enterprise competition ability in the round.
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