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Technology of quality of the Anhui province is supervised hold attestation to su
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To strengthen the Anhui province attestation of qualitative prison system superintends team construction, raise academic water to make the same score with superintendency ability, came 17 days on July 14, supervisory bureau of technology of quality of the Anhui province held attestation to superintend personnel professional knowledge to groom in Hefei class, 79 student that come from each city bureau and prefectural bureau attended to groom.

Groom with respect to attestation superintendency staff learns professional knowledge, the value that enhances oneself quality undertook elaborating, card lab and inspection agency of motor vehicle specifications are obtained to superintend in aggrandizement to basic level bureau, raised systematic attestation and respect of product certification effectiveness to raise a requirement. Groom key of specific aim ground introduced lab aptitude to maintain, superintendency knowledge of inspection agency of motor vehicle specifications and administration of administrative system attestation are superintended, about mandatory the main field that attestation product superintends and standard content, communication groomed the point that the spot checks, the control that nods to student knowledge had an examination.

Groom content connection is actual, superintendency emphasis is clear-cut, achieved expect the result, got the general welcome of student. They express in succession, want a place to learn knowledge to apply in real work, drive inspection agency of specifications of the lab that obtain evidence, motor vehicle to superintend superintend with attestation in basic level extend.

Grooming this is bureau of the Anhui province is building the county that visit town on the foundation of superintendency network of 3 class attestation, the significant move that superintendency ability of two class attestation builds aggrandizement city county, will be raise attestation effectiveness level, make attestation superintends the job more accord with scientific sex, consistency and authority to lay next good foundations.

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