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Complete a course of class of Training Within Industry of plant quarantine of Ko
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On August 1, courtyard of Chinese check division accepted personnel of groomed technology of Korea plant quarantine to hold ceremony of complete a course for this courtyard. Li Huailin of this courtyard dean issues letter of complete a course for student. Bencipei lecture class by a definite date two weeks, to ascertain a state supervisory bureau of qualitative check total bureau and Korea nation mass examines quarantine domain collaboration implements a plan, with Korea quality supervisory bureau examines student attended 4 Chaofang that quarantine grows Jin Fengnan to be colonel everywhere to groom this.

Courtyard of Chinese check division grooms to this class height takes seriously, organized battle array of formidable schoolteaching persons qualified to teach, invite concerned expert to be student respectively people tuitional China examines quarantine system, examine sex of analysis of risk of system of plant quarantine of quarantine law laws and regulations, home, evil living things, of all kinds quarantine is harmful bioassay method and manage except harm the course of the respect such as measure, began on-the-spot operation demonstrates and groom, organize student inspect and learn each other's work at the same time Beijing examines establishment of quarantine bureau lab, suffocating and heat treatment establishment, make groom obtained favorable result.

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