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About holding 2008 the 3rd period international standardizes integrated knowledg
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Each concern an unit:

Build the job to fulfil our country international to standardize expert talent team, basis " committee of national standardization management was standardized 2008 groom education plans a project " and " international standardization talent grooms plan " arrangement, my appoint was held in August on this year 2008 the 3rd period international standardizes integrated knowledge to groom class. Will groom now the class informs as follows about matters concerned:

One, groom time, place

Time: By August 2008 at the beginning of September

Place: Beijing (specific time, place informs separately)

2, join staff

My appoint is collected and put on record to " participate in international to standardize mobile expert expert to run a system " personnel. Limits includes:

1, pass " the announcement that participates in standardization activity expert about collecting " (mark appoint handle plan case [2007]64 date) , " collect about beginning, choose and education country Organization for Standardization are mothball the talent's announcement " (mark appoint outside doing [2007]111 date) reach " about collecting, the participation that collect international standardizes mobile expert.

2, the expert that international is engaged in standardizing the job in the following unit or organization and administrator: Press of standard of academy of standardization of enterprise of focal point of share of committee of technology of the organization of speak or sing alternately of ISO/IEC home technology, TC that assumes ISO/IEC, SC secretariat, ISO/IEC and secretariat of cent technology committee, country, China, China, China.

Note: The member that the plan is sent attends international to standardize intellectual English to groom the unit of the class, the requirement expedites staff go ahead of the rest to attend this to groom class.

3, groom content reachs use teaching material

China standardizes situation and task; International standardization develops a tendency; China standardizes management and strategy; International standardization activity of China and look into; International standardizes an orgnaization; Program of ISO/IEC technology work; The structure of ISO/IEC international standard and write regulation; Copyright of publication of standard of international Organization for Standardization is protected; Concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals is formal knowledge.

Use teaching material: " international standardizes a tutorial " and " the enterprise participates in international to standardize mobile job guideline " etc.

4, groom eligible of end classics exam by national level appoint issue letter of complete a course.

5, groom charge

Not collection grooms cost, during grooming charge of the data of student, board and lodging provides for oneself (specific standard informs separately) .
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