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Detect quickly about holding produce quality safety the technology is advanced g
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Hall of human affairs of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government (bureau) , labor ensures hall (bureau) , agricultural hall (appoint, bureau) , division assist, bureau of human affairs of large unit of Xinjiang production construction, labor safeguard bureau, agriculture bureau, division assist:

Superintend a level to enhance security of quality of our country produce, safety of quality of training agriculture products detects quickly technical qualified personnel, update the deploy of the project according to knowledge of professional technology qualified personnel, manpower resource and social security ministry, Ministry of Agriculture and Chinese division assist the decision holds produce quality safety to detect quickly jointly the technology is advanced grind long class. Inform concerned item as follows now:

One, grind long content

(one) produce quality safety detects quickly technology and equipment development existing state of affairs;

(2) what pesticide remains is fast detect technology;

(3) what animal drug remains is fast detect technology;

(4) microbial detect quickly technology;

(5) of biology toxin detect quickly technology.

(curricular arrangement sees accessory)

2, attend personnel to reach kind signing up

Attend grind the staff that trims a class detects for safety of quality of produce terminal market safety of quality of personnel, produce detects safety of quality of personnel of orgnaization major technology, produce superintends administrator, every province (contain Xinjiang to produce construction large unit) 2 people. Ask office of agriculture of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government (bureau, appoint) , concerned unit of business of bureau of agriculture of large unit of Xinjiang production construction joins staff certainly as soon as possible, the receipt signing up that will build unit seal (after adding) meet to Chinese agronomy at the fax before September 12.

3, grind long time and place

Grind long class is held to 25 days on September 21, 2008, reported for duty on September 20, on September 26 return.

Place: Zhejiang visits spring of peaceful wave city guesthouse (Jiang Dong of Ning Bo city Ou Xingning road 37, phone: 0574-87877888) .

4, other item

(one) attend please grind long personnel compose safety of quality of a produce detects quickly the paper of technical respect, repair a class to end premise to hand in at grinding.

(2) grind after long personnel builds formulary course, via checking qualification, the record grooms accordingly class hour, write down " professional technology personnel continues to teach certificate " .

(3) grind expenses of long staff liaison man going there and back provides for oneself, press cost of board and lodging of national level collection, not collection grooms cost.
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