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Confirm working announcement about strengthening attestation to refer division y
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Each are relevant orgnaization:

To strengthen the management that consults division to already registering attestation, farther normative attestation seeks advice from division year to confirm the work, remind broad and relevant orgnaization to reach advisory personnel especially now, hope you abide by CCAA each relevant attestation advisory division registers what affirm about year in criterion to undertake about the regulation year affirms in time, specific content admits in reference please assist note [2007]29 date file. It is the efficiency that ensures year confirms the work and effectiveness at the same time, offer the following note:

1 , in declaring a data, should make clear declare phone of unit, contact, connection, Email;

2, remittance proof photocopy should be added when declaring a data or build capture to expend a chapter;

3, fill do what year confirms a data to should indicate fill run year, fill out a form alone (different year fills in respectively, include to express one, watch 2) ;

4, year affirms declare a data to need not add advisory experience table;

5, data of Fan Shen newspaper did not sign by relevant provision, affix one's seal or fill in not complete, regard useless data as, do not grant to affirm;

6, what the year of half-baked regulation inside cycle affirms is register to register personnel in, CCAA will not check change testimony.

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