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Learn the announcement of the data about releasing censor of 2008 year GAP to gr
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Each branch:

Identify inspect according to the country appoint " the announcement that concerns an issue about carrying out attestation of good agriculture standard " in the requirement that executive GAP censor grooms continuously, center of Chinese certificate of quality (CQC) already organized headquarters GAP censor to undertake centralized grooming, undertook delibrate with respect to content of the key in the standard, difficulty, formed conference summary. According to conference summary content, wove GAP censor grooms continuously study data (accessory 1) . Groom GAP censor continuously now study data allots each branch, groom at GAP censor is being organized before September 30 by each branch, had done groom record. If part of accurate to learning a data to win the bid understanding has different opinion, feedback to groom to CQC please ministry of research and development.

Contact: Shi Gefeng

Phone: 010-83886272


Inform hereby.

Accessory 1: GAP censor grooms continuously study data.doc

2 OO8 year on September 24

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