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Flowers and test of vegetable crop DUS carry on his shoulder or back to groom in
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Recently, by plant of Ministry of Agriculture new breed checks center and Holand horticultural detect total arrange was in Kunming to be held jointly " test of flowers crop DUS grooms class " and " test of vegetable crop DUS grooms class " .

Groom the class invites Holand expert Mr Wilhelm Johan Sangster, wietsma, mr Willem Anne, miedema, mr Rudolf Herman and Van De Wardt, mr Gerrit checks analysis of design of method, field experiment, data and particularity, consistency and stability with respect to flowers and vegetable crop DUS decide the method undertook special subject lecture, organize student to was aimed at 10 kinds of crop such as chrysanthemum of lily, Africa, chrysanthemum, rose, cucumber, tomato, aubergine, chili to have the practice of observation of field test character. Test of 14 plants new breed divides the Ministry of Agriculture the staff member of many 50 test such as check out stand of flowers of bureau of forestry of center, country attended to groom. Student expresses in succession in evaluating an activity to what groom, groom this combined theory and practice very well to rise, accrual blame is shallow.

Grooming this is medium project of foundation of Asia of carry on one's shoulder -- one of content that Chinese DUS checks, this project already checked a domain to groom for Chinese new breed between 2007-2008 100 person-time, to improve our country plant new breed tests a technology, contractible made contribution with developed country difference.

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